Offshore Blade Inspection

Blade inspection of onshore rotor wind turbine


AtSite offers detailed offshore blade inspection using a combination of a ground based imaging system and conventional inspection methods. 

A complete high resolution photo scan is made of all 4 sides of the blade by a trained operator. The images are then processed and screened for defects against specified categories and ratings, which are made into a standardized report which is then exported to pdf or excel format.  

The blade inspection service includes High-definition images and detailed positioning information for providing accurate estimation of defects dimensions. Inspection results are used as the EOW (end of warranty) inspection or planned inspection campaign, and often used for prioritizing the next steps of blade maintenance.

AtSite in-house blade specialists decide the next step of inspection if needed. At this stage the blade specialist will choose between various access methods for close up inspections. The close up inspection can be a visual inspection, tap testing or either NDT (non destructive testing) as Ultra Sonic or in some cases a destructive test where grinding down layers is necessary. 

Inspections are done from the Offshore wind turbine working platform, and a complete inspection is done within 2-3 hours depending on blade size and turbine type. 

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