Onshore Blade inspection

Blade condition management


AtSite offers detailed onshore blade inspection by using a combination of a ground based imaging system and conventional inspection methods. 

AtSite offers a range of inspection methods which can be chosen for each specific project. As the base of inspections we use ground based inspections, this method is becoming the preferred method for onshore and offshore blade inspection campaigns.   

Ground based inspection (GBI) is a rapid and safe way of inspecting your wind turbine blade. Thanks to our to skilled operators a complete turbine inspection can be performed within 2-3 hours by only one operator. 

Our blade inspection service includes High-definition images, detailed positioning information for providing accurate estimation of dimensions for each defect recorded. Inspection results are used as the EOW (end of warranty) inspection or planned inspection campaign, and often used for prioritizing the next steps of a blade maintenance strategy.

AtSite in-house blade specialists decide the next step of inspection if needed. At this stage the blade specialist chooses between various access methods for close up inspections. The close up inspection can be a visual inspection, tap testing or either NDT (non destructive testing) as Ultra Sonic or in some cases a destructive test where grinding down layers is necessary. 

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