Danish based blade inspection specialist AtSite A/S in strategic collaboration with Malaysian software and drone specialist Aerodyne

LONDON, March 8: AtSite A/S a significant market player within wind turbine blade inspections has announced a joint-venture with Aerodyne Group, Malaysia’s leading AI software and drone specialist, which will give the group an even stronger position in the growing energy market. 

AtSite is a forerunner in wind turbine blade inspections for the wind turbine generation industry throughout Europe and have over the last year completed more than 2,000 blade inspections on both offshore and onshore wind turbines. The joint-venture gives Aerodyne Group at 60% stake in AtSite.

“The synergy that AtSite and Aerodyne can reap from this collaboration will give us the competitive edge within the wind industry but also a well proven service portfolio for the Northern European oil/gas clients” said Mads Obling Rasmussen, AtSite’s CEO.

“There are many interesting developments in the pipeline. Combining our Danish wind turbine blade specialists with the market leader within AI (Artificial intelligence)/machine learning software’s and autonomous drone technology there is no doubt that we will underline our market position”, Mads continued. 

Aerodyne CEO and Founder Kamarul A Muhamed said: “We are excited at having Mads Rasmussen and his team at AtSite in Denmark join our Aerodyne family. We are excited about breaking new frontiers together”. 

“This acquisition is our ticket to the European and global wind turbine inspection market. Through our stake in AtSite, Aerodyne can tap into the growing wind energy market as more countries explore renewable energy and our stake in AtSite is going to help Aerodyne deliver better value to wind farm owners through improved drone inspection automation and precision detection assisted by artificial intelligence”, Kamarul stated.

AtSite A/S has its head quarter in Billund, Denmark close to the airport so destinations globally can be reached easily.

Since the very beginning is has been a target of AtSite A/S to deliver inspections and specialized consultancy services to owners of large scale infrastructure and to work hard to secure long term partnerships by being trustworthy, reliable and with a strong focus on quality.

From day one the strategy has been clear: safe projects, cost effective solutions, being the preferred choice of partner. 

Today AtSite A/S work for some of the biggest markets players in the wind industry and is the preferred choice of partner offering one-stop-shop solutions.

Aerodyne operates in 10 countries around the world – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Australia, U.K., U.S., UAE, Saudi Arabia and Denmark and is ranked 7th in worldwide survey done by Drone Industry Insights, a market research and analytics company based in Germany. It provides insights and market data for the commercial drone industry.

Aerodyne has over 200 drone pilots, developers, engineers and consultants. In 2017, Aerodyne flew 35,000 flights, an industry leading number of flight operations. It also inspected and managed 100,000 assets in the same year in primarily oil/gas, powerlines and telecommunication towers.

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