We are proud to announce that on 27th of September, Aerodyne AtSite A/S have signed a 3+2 years full scope blade surveillance contract with Ocean Breeze Energy GmbH & Co. KG.

The agreement between the two companies includes vessel charter, data capture, processing, analysis and a web platform, customized for their specific maintenance and repair strategies, which includes blade swapping features and task allocation, migration of all historical blade data for comparison and further analysis.

Aerodyne AtSite A/S (AAS), part of Aerodyne Group, is a drone-based enterprise integrated managed solutions provider based in Denmark. Since 2013 has been one of the world leading blade inspection and analysis companies. AAS has been chosen by most of the European utilities and major OeM’s as supplier of inspections based on new technology such as automated camera systems, drones and robots in combination with automated processing of images. AAS converts UAV data into powerful management information, which is currently used for planned maintenance campaigns, root cause analysis, End of Warranty and due diligence projects.

Ocean Breeze Energy GmbH & Co. KG is operator of the first and currently most productive offshore wind farm in Germany, BARD Offshore 1, approx. 100 km off the German North Sea Coast.
It is completely commissioned since September 2013. Besides, 80 wind energy generators of the 5-megawatt class reach a nominal capacity of 400 megawatt - this equals the energy consumption of more than 400,000 households.

We are certain that the benefits of the long-term contracts are many. By this proactive maintenance approach, the inspections and analysis are completed before the repair season starts, meaning that repairs can be prioritized and planned in a cost-effective manner.

Our AI-driven VertikalitiWIND is an advance platform for automatic detection of defects and abnormalities for WTG inspection and maintenance.

With intelligent predictive capabilities developed from data sets of thousands of blades previously inspected, the accuracy and speed of detection can only get better over time as the AI continuously learn and adapt.
We believe that this mindset is the way forward for reduction of cost in the offshore blade industry.