Asset Classes

Ground based blade inspetion

AtSite focuses on visual and structural inspections on large scale structures. Each inspection project is tailored in accordance to the assets conditions and the environment where the optimum methods are chosen. 

Structural inspection is an objective visual examination of the physical structure, which normally consists of 3 phases.       

Phase 1 - The first phase is a ground based visual surface scan where the inspection operator visually inspects the structure and collects all data for further processing. If severe damages are found these will be highlighted immediately to the client. A report of the visual inspection is handed over to the client for further assessment and review. Reports consist of a categorization of damages and highlighted defects to be looked at more closely.

Phase 2 - If further inspections are needed a close up inspection will be performed. This can be done from various access methods such as platforms, cherry pickers, rope access or confined space depending on the structure. A detailed report will be handed over to the client after the inspection has been completed.             

Phase 3 - In this phase the repairs are carried out under the supervision of a QC specialist who will hand over a QC report once the repairs have been finished for assuring the quality of the repairs.

All inspection phases will be documented for comparison of the asset over time.