Blade condition consultancy

Denmark is known as a hub for the development of wind energy, and thousands of people are working in the Danish wind industry.  AtSite uses this large knowledge base of specialized blade consultants.  

AtSite uses experience from its founders background which is a multi skilled combination of fabrication of structures to offshore Oil/Gas, IRM campaigns for offshore wind, inspection of turbine blades and development of systems and software for vision systems. Furthermore AtSite uses the market leading specialists as a part of the specialized blade consultancy work.

By transferring knowledge between our technology providers we are capable of transferring generic information from hundreds of turbine blade inspections each year which gives the markets best knowledge base for inspections.   

Use AtSite consultants for:

  • Quality control / assurance of blade production
  • Quality control / assurance of repair campaigns
  • Inspection of blades after transport / before installation
  • Develop and implement blade inspection regimes
  • Develop acceptation criteria leaving factories due to specific maintenance strategy
  • Development and implementation of blade inspection regimes, based on a 3 level system:
    1) Guidelines
    2) Procedures
    3) Documentation / forms