Inspection methods

Ground based blade inspetion

AtSite chooses between the most optimal inspection methods available on market, and by combining these we are able to customize unique inspection campaigns for specific needs. 

Blade inspection results are used as the primary inspection for several utilities and are used for prioritizing the next steps of a blade maintenance regime. AtSite blade specialists decide the next step of inspection if needed. At this stage the blade specialist chooses between various access methods for close up inspections. The close up inspection can be a visual inspection, tap testing, NDT (non destructive testing), Ultra Sonic or in some cases a destructive test where grinding down layers is necessary.

Ground based inspections - AtSite specializes in performing inspections using ground based camera equipment. This method has been developed over the last few years and has shown to be the preferred method of the first part of an inspection regime. This method has proved to be cost effective, safer and more reliable than conventional methods.

Detailed inspection of structures can be chosen after the first assessment, where various methods of NDT (Non Destructive Testing) and destructive testing can be applied.