AtSite Database

AtSite Database Screenshot

AtSite can now provide it's customers with a unique online database system where you can both collect key data and upload photographic and other documentation. 

The database automatically organizes user, time and GPS positioning data together with pictures, sound, dictation and text in one document so that the risk of reporting errors is minimized. The user can then generate reports in an editable document for further processing. It is possible to upload a variety of documents such as: 

  • procedure and process documents
  • technical / material datasheets
  • work instructions
  • repair reports
  • images

One organisation can give several users access to the database enabling people from different departments to have access to the same data for any one specific project. It is also possible to share access with your suppliers and sub-contractors in connection with obtaining quotes, organizing audits and/or expert assessments. The database is built on ordinary Microsoft SQL technology and there are no data processing fees. It is possible for you to create the data layout which best fits your needs by using the drag and drop function in the database. This means that you don't clutter your data and reporting with a lot of functions you don't intend to use. 

What makes the AtSite database unique and different from others on the market? 

Our database will be coupled up with our new app which we will be launching at the end of the month. The app will transform the database into an interactive platform where information can be uploaded and shared with key stakeholders direct from the turbine including photos, comments and data of position and severity of damage. 

Download Service datasheet - AtSite DataBase and AtSite MoRe app