Ground Based Inspection GBI

AtSite offers a ground based camera system for inspection of large scale structures.

The ground based inspection service GBI is done by using an automated camera system including ultra high definition imaging. All work is done from the ground, meaning no working at heights and no hanging or flying objects. We therefore believe the GBI to be the safest possible way of inspecting large scale assets. 

The GBI service is customized for the dynamic wind turbine inspection projects where all aspects are optimized for safety, quality and speed. Within 2-3 hours the 3 turbine blades are inspected from all sides in a repetitive manner according to the industry standard not seen before. 

The GBI reporting software is optimized for large scale projects, and 90% of reporting is done automatically during the actual blade inspection. Our certified inspectors detect findings during the inspection and reports are automatically generated. This flexible setup means that we can deliver reports within 24 hours.      

Output includes ultra high definition images, backup images of the complete surface, detailed positioning information and dimensions of all findings. When all turbines have been inspected a consolidated three level inspection report for the whole wind farm is generated and quality checked by the certified inspectors who carried out the actual blade inspections. This is to ensure continuity throughout the inspection process and to ensure reliable and accurate blade data, images and damage statistics as fast as possible. By using a ground based inspection system asset managers will be able to compare inspections over time, allowing tracking of defect progression. Our ground based inspection method can be used in almost all conditions which reduces weather downtime significantly. Using ground based inspections brings the following advantages:

  • No working at heights - rope access
  • No risk of falling objects
  • No weather downtime of blade inspections due to high wind
  • Less downtime for turbine due to rapid blade inspection
  • Categorization is done by certified blade specialists
  • Compare your wind turbine blade conditions
  • Ground based inspections are done by only one inspection operator + WTG operator

Download Service datasheet - GBI Blade Inspection