Internal Blade Inspection

AtSIte offers Internal blade inspections for the offshore and onshore wind industry.

Internal blade Inspections is crucial for the detailed inspection of large blade structures. By trained blade specialists, working in confined space area and use of advanced robot crawler systems, AtSite performs inspection inside blades in an effective and safe manor.

Wind turbine blades has the last year became 20-30-ton structures which is designed and engineered for long duration and durability in very extreme conditions. As a part of the maintenance strategy or the various responsibility handover “due diligence”, “End of Warranty” etc. a thorough inspections is often recommended.

AtSite offers internal blade inspections of wind turbine performed by trained blade specialists and the ROV (remotely operated vehicle). The blade specialist performs a thorough close-up inspection, while the ROV operator performs a remote inspection of the blade tip, where no humans are allowed to enter.
All inspections are documented by the AtSite MoRe (mobile reporting) app. Where defects are documented and uploaded to the AtSite DataBase when data-connection is available. Data from ROV are uploaded to same DataBase. Data is then ready for client access, filtering/sorting and report generation.

Using AtSite for the Internal blade inspection provides the following advantages:

  • Safe and effective setup via use of ROV
  • Only 1 lift to nacelle for setup
  • Specific blade specialists
  • Fast backup support via the AtSite DataBase
  • AtSite MoRe app generates accurate data feed into database by customization
    • Customize the inspection input
    • Customize the reporting output

Download Service datasheet - Internal blade inspection