Close-up inspection

AtSite offers close up inspections using rope access, platforms and confined space access of hard to reach assets.

AtSite offers accurate and professional inspections of all kinds of large scale assets. AtSite is specialized in inspecting hard to reach assets with the best tools for minimizing hazards. AtSite defines and manages project solutions where ground based inspections and close-up inspections are combined. By combining methods the close up access teams can optimize their time and be better prepared for each close up inspection. The ground based inspection is used as an advanced screening which will be used as the basis for next step in the inspection campaign.

All blade inspections (internal and external) are documented by our AtSite MoRe (mobile reporting) app which is proven to be an effective and accurate method of reporting. Using AtSite MoRe for data collection we secure the optimum result from our skilled technicians by feeding data directly into our database where back office blade engineers assess defects.   

Using AtSite for inspection management provides the following advantages:

  • Fast screening with less weather downtime can be done in bad weather seasons 
  • Fast screening pinpoints assets for high concern 
  • Combination of methods provides more data to prepare close-up inspections (choice of tools, NDT methods, DT methods)
  • Cost savings because we only use access teams when absolutely necessary
  •  AtSite MoRe app generates accurate data feed into database by customization:
    • Customize the inspection input
    • Customize the reporting output

Download Service datasheet - Close Up Inspection